Adopting New technologies and overcoming Deployment challenges

Things are changing from just technology to intelligent technology. The efficiencies that come with intelligent technologies might just become the way of gaining competitive edge for businesses. Who ever imagined that a solution that transforms the enterprise Wide area Network would arrive so soon? Businesses are now facing pressure to roll out digital solutions on their networks despite the challenges paused by legacy wans.

Do you know what this does? Rolling out intelligent solutions on legacy WANs? It leads to poor user experience which beats the logic of rolling out the intelligent solutions in the first place. Your network is also more prone to human error and security breaches; managing your digital resources on legacy WANs becomes more complex and you spend a lot on CAPEX and Opex. This for sure doesn’t give peace of mind.

According to CISCO, 95% of network changes are still performed manually, 70 % of policy violations are due to human error, 75% of opex is spent on network visibility and trouble shooting. With the ever- increasing demand by businesses to roll out digital solutions on legacy networks, then IT managers and network leads will have to stay awake at night to figure out a lot of things on their networks. It’s like the proverbial pouring new wine on old wine skin.

Given the above, is your organization Digital ready?This is why MTN in partnership with Cisco have come up with the MTN SDN that moves your organization from best effort technologies to self- driving technologies. Your peace of mind matters. It is time for intelligent networking- the software defined networking that is fully enabled for cloud, closed loop automated service assurance, self- protecting network that fosters agility innovation that is most needed in the industry 4.0 era.

Transforming your wide area network is uphill just like any other meaningful digital transformation exercise. So how do you overcome deployment challenges? Recently, MTN Business Kenya held an event on new technologies and overcoming deployment challenges to inspire clients on innovating to tranform then transform to innovate. The guest speaker, Mr. Eddie Ndichu, Managing Director at Opera who has led digital transformation projects in high profile organisations including banks gave some tid bits on how to overcome challenges with major areas being positioning transformation to the executive team, getting budget approval, choosing technology partner, implementation process and change management. /p>

Below are some few tips

  • Show the solutions place in the business model.
  • Carefully look at the technology options and choose a credible and supporting vendor.
  • Develop a decision-making matrix showing various options of with and without the proposed solution to guide the executive in seeing the urgency to make the decision.
  • Carefully consider the risk universe: strategic risks, operations risk, financial risk and compliance risk.
  • Identify the stakeholders, classify them based on necessary level of engagement, map them according to their roles in the change, establish a communication and engagement plan.

Parting shot: Always be the one driving change, not the one being driven by change.

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