Which age group makes up majority of the workforce?

Millennials will make up 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025. This means that they are majorly, the ones who’ll be working to build your brands. Loosely translated, how they work will determine how your business brand will perform. Moreover,they grew up with technology and today they drive innovation. Social media  usage is a critical component of there day’s activities. Most of them are part of virtual groups and forums where they look for ideas and collaborate. Moreover, they get instant answers to their problems on search engines.

Approximately 75 percent of millennials also believe that working remotely is important according to a Deloitte study. In addition, 60% of millennials say they are open to a different job opportunity — 15 percentage points higher than the percentage of non-millennial workers who say the same ( Gallup report).Other characteristics of millennials that makes them unique is that they are multitaskers, self expressive and obsessive😊. Fear the self-expressive part because if they are not happy with the brand they are working for, they won’t hesitate to tell someone so. From the above insights, how you empower millennials with regards to Innovation, Collaboration, and flexibility will determine your business brand performance. How then can you use ICT to address the 3 challenges?

Promoting Innovation through ICT

Innovation that enables great brand and customer experiences calls for a lot of research. Does your work environment enable research, or your ICT and departmental systems are limiting and slow? This is the time top management; brand teams and ICT teams need to collaborate more than ever. Therefore, legacy networks with huge limitations for cloud-based solutions to perform optimally may just annoy your critical workforce and as you know, job hoping is always their second thought. Ditch legacy networks for Software Defined networks and let the workforce explore and innovate more for your brand.

SD WAN’s key selling points are that it is flexible and capable of supporting a lot of changes currently happening in the ICT space.  It is faster, agile and secure. With the rise of cybersecurity issues and the explorative nature of millennials, then, your network is safer with SDWAN as it is easy to secure with next generation security solutions.

Promoting Collaboration through ICT

Collaboration when sharing and building ideas also calls for a stretch on your internal systems, especially, cross border collaborations. Can your existing systems comfortably support video collaborations for instance? Is your network resilient enough to handle this? Slow non-functional systems frustrate millennials and can easily demotivate them. Office 365, a great cloud solution for modern office place has a wide array of collaboration features that your millennial work force will enjoy as they collaborate with teams in various places.

MTN Collocation Services

Also, Social media usage is today a no brainer. Has your organization blocked social media sites maybe because of security issues as is common in the financial sector? If yes, you are missing out on your staff being your brand ambassadors using your internet bandwith. Some of them are influencers on their social media profiles where you can benefit from as a business.  Again, you need an agile and secure network to support such solutions as social media. Nowadays, there are Managed Security Service Providers like MTN Business Kenya who have tailor made cybersecurity solutions. A great collaboratve environment inspires teamwork and boosts creativity, the much-desired ingredient for pushing brand performance.

Enhancing flexibility through ICT

Flexibility needs constant, secure and stable connections with work related applications. Again, is your office network able to support working remotely? Is it secure? Or will it frustrate your work force? Solutions like VoIP enable your teams to move around with their office lines everywhere they go. In conclusion, the 4th Industrial revolution is here to stay and success will only meet those who are prepared for it. Therefore, shop around and adapt the most useful ICT solutions for your organization to empower your brand teams and all staff for that matter. Don’t blame the generation for non-performance, blame your systems for non-performance. Have a chat today with your Chief Technical officer about what you’ve learnt today and refer them to https://www.mtn.co.ke/solutions/ .


by Mark Tindi, Marketing Professional.


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