Having joined MTN Business Kenya in March 2018, one of the first projects I had to implement was Disaster Recovery as a Service, a new solution then, for one of our customers. The customer was also, the first one I handled at MTN. It was a challenging task as I had to learn how the software works in record time, implement the solution and test within the shortest time possible since the project had already gone past the stipulated period. The customer I was serving was becoming unhappy, his requirements kept on changing as well and I had to adjust accordingly every time the changes came through. I was determined to bring back a smile on my first client’s face.

With a lot of dedication, I kept assuring the customer that we will be able to deliver as I puddled hard in the background. Some IT project implementations can take several months to implement depending on the magnitude of the project. A couple of months later, the solution was implemented, tested and closed to the customer’s satisfaction. I was able to regain trust with the customer, making him comfortable in choosing MTN Business Kenya as his partner of choice in all his technical projects.

My biggest motivation was that this was a new solution that I had never implemented before, and I had to make it work. It was a great challenge and above all, a great opportunity for me to deliver the best customer service. Having exceeded my client’s expectation, to date he uses MTN as their primary partner in all their company’s technical implementations. I was extremely delighted when the then acting MD of MTN Business Kenya, wrote an email to the entire staff informing them of how this specific customer had highly spoken about my commitment, diligence and persistence to making the solution work. We have since had multiple and even bigger deals with the specific customer and I am certain we continue to give him the best service.

Our team will always go all the way to give you peace of mind. Happy Customer Service Week

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