My most memorable Customer Service Project

I love IT and how it solves problems around us. Thus, implementing IT based solutions is one of the reasons why I love my job. Every project usually has its challenges and learnings. You also get to learn new skills. My first project at MTN was implementing a VoIP solution project in which I was selected as the lead engineer. I had configured and troubleshot VoIP extensions in the past but never had I been a lead Engineer in implementing a complete VoIP solution. Thus, this project was going to be exciting and at the same challenging.

I was to implement the project for our client who operates in the Transport industry. They required a VoIP solution that would enhance communication with their customers i.e. passengers. Therefore, they reached out to MTN to help them in setting up VoIP solution at their call center. This was going to create cost efficiencies to them as the MTN VoIP solution is among the most affordable in the market. The customer already had an existing GSM line which could only make/receive one call at a time. Thus, the proposed technical solution was;

  1. Change the GSM line to an E1 line with 10 channels as the GSM line was already very popular with their customers.
  2. Implement an MTN SIP trunk to ensure the customer enjoyed our reduced call rates when making outgoing calls. Remember the customer was looking for an affordable solution.

I led MTN Business in sourcing for the required equipment and the MTN sip trunk. The customer was tasked to request for an E1 line from their GSM provider who is our competitor. E1 line would terminate directly at already purchased MTN PBX.

The challenge

The call center was live and MTN SIP up and in use. Sometimes during project implementations, unforeseen challenges may arise. Two months later, E1 line was still not active. This line was with the other provider, thus MTN had no control of it. We had to do stakeholder engagement with the other provider to get the matter resolved. At MTN we believe in giving our customers peace of mind. Thus, we had to go all the way for our customer as the E1 line number was well known and most called by their travelers. As expected, the customer was unhappy about the E1 line not working.

After a meeting with the competitor and the customer, the competitor explained that they were unable to provide an E1 line and the only viable option was a SIP trunk via their link. However, the customer’s router only had a provision for one link which MTN had used to deploy their SIP trunk. The customer was torn between choosing MTN SIP or their popular number SIP.

We knew the customer was more inclined to choose the popular number SIP for the sake of their business. However, we had to look for a work around and fast. The customer was not willing to incur any extra cost, so getting a new router with more interfaces was out of the question. It was a headache. After hours of research and demos, I decided to terminate the competitor’s link on the PBX as opposed to the router. With a few tweaks the competitor’s SIP came up. I was excited. Then alas! The trunk had no audio. Concurrent calls came in but without audio taking us back to square one. I tried to engage the competitor to assist in troubleshooting but in vain.

Wins during the project

After hours of troubleshooting a competitor’s product without their help, I cracked it. The customer was very happy upon receiving the good news. The client trusted us more having resolved his main pain point despite the challenges and is currently enjoying the service. Despite all these, the most exciting thing for me was the research involved. I studied and learnt a lot and at the end I was a Yeastar Certified Technician.At MTN, we believe in the can- do attitude and nothing is impossible. We deliver a bold new digital world to our customers by doing all it takes.

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