Cloud computing is the ability to provide data processing, storage and networking services on-demand across a shared platform. Cloud has powered the ability of businesses to make use of IT resources and solutions as a utility, just like electricity, on a pay per use and pay as you scale model.

Advantages of cloud Solutions

Efficiency: Projects like rolling out business applications that took months or years to implement can now be done in weeks or days and in some cases, a few hours. Cloud solutions also save on cost of equipment as businesses no longer require to buy hardware in order to enjoy IT services

Pay per use: This model allows you to only pay for what you use thus reducing unnecessary costs on unused capacities

Flexibility: Cloud solutions are scalable thus a good model for ever growing businesses. This also gives it the ability to handle fluctuating demands on the various cloud services due to ever increasing number of an organization’s application users.

Collaboration: Cloud services power universal access of solutions thus employees can access business applications from anywhere and at anytime thus creating business continuity and collaboration.

Microsoft 365
MTN Virtual Servers
MTN Managed Back up
MTN Colocation Services
Disaster Recovery as a Service
MTN Web Hosting

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