Peace is knowing that speed is king and security is supreme

Connect your teams with dedicated internet bandwith that is only used by your company and not shared with any other person or company for your internal systems and applications to work faster. Fast and secure internet is the new currency of productivity amongst millennial employees. Your own MTN Dedicated Internet will enable them achieve more faster and securely for the growth of your business.

MTN Dedicated Internet delivers high throughput connections as traffic is carried over the MTN IP backbone network- one of the most rigorously engineered networks in the world. This is to ensure your systems and applications work as fast as they should, so your team won’t have to keep important tasks waiting due to hanging systems and slow internet.

At MTN, we also go the extra mile to offer you security protection against denial of service attacks.MTN Internet can be delivered through Fibre, Mircrowave, Wireless, cooper or Satellite depending on your location and needs, we are everywhere you go.

Why Dedicated Internet?

  • Security. MTN Anti-DDoS service protects your business from denial of services (DDoS) attacks. DDoS attacks are among the most common cyber attacks. With MTN internet you get DDoS protection as a value-added service.
  • Reliability. Your satisfaction is our mission. Our qualified engineers offer 24/7 support to keep your connection up and fast all the time.
  • Guaranteed throughput. We come with several years of experience and agility from all over Africa which has taught us to give you back up connection because things happen. This has been our business for long.
  • Built upon the expansive MTN IP backbone with redundancy links. This is why many businesses across Africa choose MTN dedicated internet connections. Uptime is guaranteed.
  • MTN dedicated internet gives you high speed breakout to many local Internet exchange points across Africa and middle east thereby guaranteeing high speed access for your employees across regions.

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