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MTN Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is a solution that replicates your entire production site data, systems and applications. In the eventuality that your systems crash, you will be able to redirect users to continue working on MTN cloud as you fix the failure at production site. This ensures business continuity within the shortest possible time. This is a must have as your teams work remotely.

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Businesses that currently have an on-premise secondary site for disaster recovery purposes are incurring high costs associated with it. Some of the costs include owning or leasing space for secondary site, monthly costs associated with power, cooling, internet, network equipment, servers, travel to and from the two sites. Having a Disaster Recovery site with MTN will enable you get rid of some of these costs.

Reduce Complexity- As demonstrated in the list above, building and maintaining a secondary DR site can be both costly and complex. If all of that infrastructure could be eliminated, then the administration, upgrade requirements, and maintenance contracts could be eliminated as well.

Achieve interoperability- DRaaS solutions work with dissimilar systems so that businesses can protect servers across different hypervisors and replicate data between dissimilar storage systems. These DRaaS solutions are hardware, hypervisor, and application-independent.

Reduce IT resources spent on DR- DRaaS can be deployed within hours or days (depending on the number of servers) as compared to the weeks or months it can take to build a secondary disaster recovery site. And by reducing complexity and simplifying the DR solution with a single provider, businesses and their IT groups save a tremendous amount of time—when compared to managing their own DR site./p>

Why MTN Disaster Recovery?

  • Enhance your Business Continuity. Don’t get stuck when your systems crash.
  • Affordable payment plan on pay as you go and pay as you scale.
  • Quick set up and recovery times.
  • Intuitive dashboard to monitor health of replication.
  • Regulatory compliance.

White paper

The following customer stories show how the combination of Veeam and AWS protects critical data and applications, ensures business operations, improves disaster recovery and business continuity, and saves significant time and money so businesses can focus on what they do best. Download here Disaster recovery as a service-customer-reference-book

MTN Disaster Recovery partners.

  • VMWare
  • Veeam

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