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With increased interconnectedness of IT systems, tools and networks, monitoring your network the traditional way is becoming slow, inefficient, laborious and costly. Don’t get lost in the maze trying to figure out what’s working and what’s not in your network. Leverage on MTN’s partnership with Solar Winds.

Solve your toughest IT management problem today with MTN IT systems management and monitoring solutions. We deliver powerful, simple-to-use solutions that help to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, scale, and evolve to meet the ever-changing IT management needs.

Whether the need is for small business or large enterprise? Our products scale with you, where you are, and as you grow.

Why MTN Network Management & Monitoring?

  • Network Performance monitor (Availability & performance) – Multivendor network monitoring for fault, performance and availability. Automate capacity forecasting, alerting and reporting.
  • Server & applications monitor (Applications & Infrastructure) – Deep performance visibility of applications across on private and public cloud environments.
  • Server configuration monitor (Configuration and change management) – Track system and applications changes, compare & correlate configuration changes overtime, asset inventory.​​​​
  • IT Helpdesk (Help desk essentials) – Simplify IT service management, track incidents and helpdesk workload, accelerate support and improve customer/end user satisfaction.
  • IT threat monitor (IT Security) – Access rights monitor, threat monitor, log & events manager and patch manager.

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