Keep your business line connected everywhere you go with MTN Y’ello Talk

MTN Y’ello Talk is a business line solution with the 020 prefix that gives your business authenticity and credibility. One of MTN Y’ello Talk’s key features is that it works on a desktop phone, smartphone, tablet or even your Personal Computer which makes it mobile. The mobile capabilities are enabled by Android, IoS & Windows application which makes your staff more productive while on the move.

Moreover, MTN Y’ello Talk runs as a voice over internet protocol on a hosted PABX. The VoIP functionality makes it an affordable solution for your staff with local call rates of Ksh. 2 per minute. Ksh. 10 to ONA East Africa countries and competitive rates to international destinations. Also, the hosted PABX reduces on your capital expenditure as you do not need to buy the PABX hardware. This also makes it faster to implement.

When integrated into Microsoft 365 Teams through the Teams Direct Routing, it saves you more capex as you do not even need to buy neither the desktop phones nor the PABX. Your Microsoft 365 Teams becomes your PABX and business line. Your staff can connect, collaborate, and remain productive with one unified Microsoft 365 platform. Also, with Microsoft 365 Teams Direct Routing, your staff can call any network from your Microsoft365 Teams application. The staff do not need to move out of Microsoft 365 Teams application when calling customers or partners who are not on Teams.  This MTN Y’ello Talk capability comes in handy during this new normal of remote working.

MTN Y’ello Talk leverages on a unique combination of best in class technologies to deliver innovative and quality telephony service to businesses over internet Protocol. This technology helps you avoid having numerous business lines and wires in your office as with just one SIP trunk (E1), you can have several lines on it.

Your desktop phone on your staff smartphones and PCs

Since it is IP based, your employees can move with their business number or extension to any location on any device e.g. desk phone, smartphone or PC. This mobility is made possible when we enable your staff with the mobile application on their smartphones, tablets or PCs. This way your organization gets more done on your business line during times of remote working. It also saves you roaming charges as calls are charged as local calls. Since the service comes bundled with a hosted PABX you do not need to worry about budget for buying and maintaining a PABX.

Why MTN Y’ello Talk? 

  • Authentic: It gives your business credibility with the 020 prefix
  • Mobility: Move with your business line to any location on your preferred device besides your office desktop phone
  • Affordable: Call at the most affordable business call rates of Ksh. 2 per minute. No CAPEX on PABX nor OPEX for PABX maintenance. With MTN Teams Direct Routing you can also cut on desktop phone expenses.
  • Interactive Voice Response that guides your customers on how to reach the appropriate personnel or contact
  • Toll free On-net calling thus zero charges on employee to employee calls while on the network

Other features include:

  • Conferencing bridge
  • Operator/ receptionist console
  • Call on Hold- Enables a user to put a call on hold and to terminate or originate another call. It is possible to retrieve the call on hold during consultation and to toggle between the two calls

MTN Y’ello Talk call rates are the most affordable:

  • Calls to other networks are Ksh. 2 per minute
  • Calls to One Network Access regions i.e. Uganda and Rwanda are Ksh.10 per minute

Your teams can now communicate more at an affordable rate to collaborate more across East Africa, build and bring in more business for you. Watch the below video testimonial of the solution.

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