Your peace of mind matters. Enable your teams to work from home productively and securely with one or all of the following solutions:

remote working infographic
Remote working infographic

1. MTN Hosted PABX solution with soft phone that works on any smartphone to carry your business line around

Successful organizations are conscious of the fact that business enhancing IT-services form part of the success of the functional operation of any organization. We at MTN believe that we must add value to any organization because your peace of mind matters.

What do you need for instance to enable 10 of your team members make and receive calls using your business line remotely?

  • 10 SIP Accounts
  • 10 Soft phone clients
  • Internet connectivity on each of the 10 mobile phones that will be used


Solution architecture and design


Monitoring and management of the business line calls

MTN Business Kenya will also provide you with an online access portal that gives you real-time billing information for billable destinations. The portal displays itemized billing that is available on a real-time basis by providing real-time call detail records (CDRs).


2. Teams Direct Routing Solution, powering remote working

MTN Teams Direct Routing

This is a solution leveraging MTN Business’s strategic partnership with Microsoft. It brings together MTN Voice and Microsoft Teams application for a unified affordable  communication solution. Your teams will call each other using your office line and their mobile phones within the platform through MTN Voice. On the other hand, they enjoy meeting and video conferencing capabilities of Teams application.

With MTN- Teams Direct Routing, you won’t need to buy any physical desktop phones or a PABX. This saves you money yet allowing your teams to communicate with each other using their office lines and mobile phones effectively and collaboratively on one platform that they also use for meeting together virtually.

Reduce your telephone expenses with the most affordable VoIP local call rates at Ksh. 2 per minute( excl. tax) for local calls.



Microsoft Teams in itself, is a cloud-based team collaboration software that is part of the Office 365 suite of applications. The core capabilities in Microsoft Teams include:

  • business messaging
  • business calling
  • audio/video meetings thus no need for physical meetings
  • file sharing

It Integrates with other Office 365 applications, including Exchange, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, SharePoint, Outlook and more. Direct routing was introduced to the solution, thus allowing MTN to connect the MTN VOIP solution to Teams and route calls. Thus, you won’t need to buy any physical phones or a PABX which saves you money yet allowing your teams to communicate with each other using their office lines.


3. MTN secure VPN solution to access your critical business applications remotely and securely

MTN Business proposes a Managed Security solution that will provide a secure Internet connectivity for remote users to enable them access resources back to the production site.

All remote users will require to download and install the FortiClient VPN application which will provide a secure connection to MTN Hosted Virtual Firewall.

A Site to site VPN Tunnel will be configured from the Virtual Firewall back to the client’s premises to enable users access resources remotely and securely

The Virtual Firewall will provide Intrusion Detection and Prevention, Web and Application Filtering and SSL Inspection services. Additional services include:

  • Monitoring & analytics
  • Scheduled Reporting of security events (Weekly)
  • Log retention and management (3 Months)
  • Intuitive Web portal for full management.

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Monitoring and Management

MTN Business Kenya will provide you with an online web portal which will provide both real time and historical statistics on the link utilization and performance. The portal will also provide management capabilities to the client for any configuration or optimization of security policies.

Customer support

MTN certified engineers are available 24/7 to offer required support.

  • Trouble ticket issuance for all issues reported on email or phone.
  • Remote On-phone support by the NOC team.
  • On-site support for issues that cannot be resolved on phone or email.

Request for a call back today for further discussions to understand your current need and how we can enable your team.

Other solutions you may be interested in:

4. MTN Network Management System

As your work away from your office, monitor your network using Network Management System which gives you real time alerts for your quick attention and resolve and makes trouble shooting faster.

5. MTN Disaster Recovery as a Service

Replicate your entire production site data, systems and applications with MTN Disaster Recovery solution. Your peace of mind matters in the midst of disasters.

6. MTN Cloud Solutions

We have a wide array of cloud solutions that will bring you peace of mind during this difficult times including MTN Colocation services, MTN Virtual servers, MTN Managed Back up and MTN Web Hosting

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